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Multi-Mission Algorithm and Analysis Platform

The ESA-NASA Joint Multi-Mission Algorithm and Analysis Platform (MAAP) is a collaborative project focused on improving the understanding of aboveground terrestrial carbon dynamics.

The MAAP will provide a common platform with computing capabilities co-located with data as well as a set of tools and algorithms developed to support this specific field of research as well as address issues related to increased data rates and to reinforce open data policies MAAP to maximise the exploitation of Earth Observation (EO) data of the BIOMASS, GEDI and NISAR missions.

This provides a collaboration framework to share data, science algorithms and compute resources in order to foster and accelerate scientific research conducted by NASA and ESA scientists.

The objectives of the MAAP

Enable researchers to easily discover, process, visualize, and analyze large volumes of data from both agencies.
Provide tools and infrastructures to bring data into the same coordinate reference frame to enable comparison, analysis, data evaluation, and data generation.
Provide a version-controlled science algorithm development environment that supports tools, co-located data, and processing resources.
Address intellectual property and sharing issues related to collaborative algorithm development and sharing of data and algorithms.